QualifiedPhysio Neuro Interview Preparation Seminar Feedback (03/08/15)


1. Did you attend this seminar?


2. How did you hear about the seminar?


3. What University do/did you study at?
(If you are currently studying, please tell us what year you're in)


4. How easy was the booking process for the seminar?


5. Overall, how would you rate the quality of the event?


6. How well did the seminar meet your expectations? Was it...?


7. The seminar was held on a Monday night. Would you prefer another day?


8. What did you think about the time of the seminar (19:00)?


9. What did you think about the duration of the seminar?.


10. How easy was it to find the location of the seminar?
(City Temple Conference Centre, Gallery Room)


11. What was the single most valuable thing you learned during this seminar?
(Leave blank if you did not attend the seminar)


12. What would be the single thing that you would change regarding the content of the seminar?


13. How informative have you found the contents of the interview packs?


14. How could future seminars be improved?
(Select all that apply)


15. How would you rate the value for money of this event?


16. How likely are you to attend one of our seminars again in the future?

0 Not at all likely12345678910 Extremely likely

17. How likely would recommend this event to a friend or colleague?

0 Not at all likely12345678910 Extremely likely

18. Any other comments?

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