Voices of the Industry

Dear Reader:
We are interested in your thoughts on the industry, your company, your job—whatever is of interest to you or whatever is really bugging you. We’re calling it Voices of the Industry. Please do share your thoughts, your views, your perspective with us.

Here are our Ground Rules:
-- Try to stick to just a paragraph or two
-- Anonymous is OK but we do encourage openness
-- We do require your position/title in the company or industry (e.g., plating engineer, operations manager, line operator, consultant, sales…)
-- No personal attacks on anyone or any company
-- Constructive criticism is welcome (if you have an issue with a company we may contact them and get their response)
-- Photos, images, and/or tables can be used to illustrate your points (a picture is still worth a thousand words - see question 11 for attachment prompt or email to an editor)
-- We may edit your “view” for grammar and style but will not change the essence of your “voice” or thoughts
-- We may add editor’s notes or company responses
-- We always reserve the right to not print a view (sorry, gotta say that)

Below you will find some leading phrases to get you started. Pick one or two and let us hear from you!


1. If they would just do this...


2. If they would only listen...


3. This is really stupid... but we do it all the time...


4. If I were in charge...


5. What I really like about the industry/my company is...


6. My favorite tip or trick to share is...


7. Please provide your position or title at your company. *


8. Any additional comments?


9. What is your primary business?


10. In what part of the world are you located?


11. If you would like your comments to be recognized as from you, please provide your name/contact information.