ShirfulDesigns Client Intro Questionnaire

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1. Your contact details? *


2. How do you move through life?


3. What would you consider your natural gift?


4. Which best describes your thought process?


5. Which best describes the way you process new information?


6. Which best describes your communication style?


7. How do you relate to being on time?


8. Your relationship to your personal space:


9. How do you feel about cleaning up your space?


10. Which best describes your personality?


11. Which best describes you at work?


12. In general, do you like things that make you think of the future or do you like things that remind you of the past?


13. Please share some of your favorites (and why) --


14. What has been your favorite vacation or getaway? Where did you go? What did it look like? What did you do while you were there? What was your favorite thing about the experience?


15. Which of these descriptions are YOU most drawn to? (NOT what you think you already have, or should be, or what your partner would like you to prefer)


16. On a scale from 1 to 5, where do you fall on the following categories:

FORMALITY: FORMAL (ordered, refined, symmetrical) -to- CASUAL (comfortable, relaxed, asymmetrical)
DENSITY: SIMPLE (clean, simple, uncluttered) -to- FULL (layered, full)
STYLE MIX: PURE (all of the same design period) -to- MIXED (mixing of different & diverse styles)
LIGHT/VALUE: LIGHT (bright, white on white) -to- DARK (low light, deep dark colors)
SCALE: LIGHT-SCALED (small, light, delicate) -to- OVER-SCALED (big, large, massive)
SERVICEABILITY & FUNCTION: HEAVY DUTY (kids, pets, messy) -to- LIGHT DUTY (looks >durability)

17. How would you like your environment to look or feel? Check as many boxes as you’d like:

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