Clipboard Management App

Clipboard Management App will extend your standard system clipboard. The App will have some or all of the following features:

  • Searchable clipboard history
  • Saving files and images into the clipboard history
  • Clipboard synchronization across multiple computers
  • Synchronization across mobile devices - phones and tablets
  • Sharing clipboard pastings with your friends/colleagues
  • Integration with paste services (e.g.
  • Would you pay for such an app? Which features should be free, which ones would be worth your coin?
  • ... Name your own

Please fill the survey below to help with evaluation of this idea.

1. Clipboard Management App

Please evaluate each of the features outlined below.

1. Searchable clipboard history - would it be useful?


2. Save history of files/images copied into clipboard?


3. What would be important to have regarding the file/image clipboard history?


4. Synchronize clipboard contents across multiple computers.


5. Create mobile device apps (iPhone, Android) and make clipboard history available on the go.


6. Online synchronization - security concerns. If the synchronization is implemented via centralized server how concerned would you be about the security and integrity of you clipboard contents?


7. Share clipboard contents with friends/colleagues in a few clicks.


8. Integration with paste services - send your clipaboard contents to in 1 click


9. Would you want the app to do your laundry?


10. Do you have any other feature ideas? Please give us a few suggestions!


11. What features would be worth paying?

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