New Equipment/Technologies

In an upcoming issue of I-Connect007 magazines, we will look into the key considerations when it comes to investing in new equipment, tools, and technology, for your PCB design, fabrication, and assembly processes. Your participation in this survey will help ensure we are providing you and the industry with the best content possible in our publications.

1. When investing in new equipment, what are your top reasons?


2. What new manufacturing trends and technologies are you following?


3. What kind of research are you doing, and what are your sources of information?


4. What or who influences the type of research that you do?


5. What prompts you to upgrade or buy new equipment?


6. Do your suppliers talk to you regarding your future manufacturing needs? If yes, what are your top manufacturing needs?


7. What technology do you wish existed that you can’t currently get from your suppliers?


8. What is your primary business?


9. In what part of the world are you located?


10. Would you consider contributing content for an upcoming issue?


11. If yes to the above question, please provide your contact information.