2016 MSK Meet-up feedback (05/05/16)


1. How did you hear about the event (MSK meet-up)?


2. What University do/did you study at?
(If you are currently studying, please tell us what year you're in)


3. How would you rate the value for money for this event?

0 Poor12345 Excellent

4. How would you rate the venue (Kings Place, Battlebridge room) ie access, layout, etc.?

0 Poor12345 Excellent

5. What did you think about the duration of the event?.


6. Overall, how would you rate the quality of the event?

0 Poor12345 Excellent

7. Thinking specifically about the first part of the event, how informative did you find each talk:

Very informativeInformativeSomewhat informativeNot very informative or relevant to meToo much to take inNot relevant to me
1. Andrew Davidson (QualifiedPhysio) - "Interview preparation for newly-graduates"
2. Sam Wilde (Pure Sports Medicine) - "What does the perfect MSK candidate look like?"
3. Andrew Walton (Connect Health) - "Strategically planning your career"
4. Stuart Paterson (Crystal Palace Physio Group) - "Business skills for physiotherapists"
5. RIshi Navsaria (HUH) - "The ESP role"
6. Helen Owen (West Midlands CSP, @WeAHPs) - "Digital you"

8. Could you tell us a bit more about what you thought of each talk:


9. How helpful did you find the "meet-up" part of the event after the talks?

0 Not helpful at all12345 Extremely helpful

10. Were you interested in finding about job opportunities with the organisations present during the meet-up?

Pure Sports Medicine (Sam Wilde)
Connect Health (Andrew Walton and Michael Moore)
Crystal Palace Physio Group (Stuart Paterson)
Healthshare (Helen Calder and Dave Kumar)

11. How informative have you found the contents of the MSK interview pack?


12. Overall, following this event, do you feel like you know more about the career options available to you as a physiotherapist interested in MSK?


13. QualifiedPhysio displayed information about two events running this summer (for which attendees of the event get £10 off): our Evidence-based practice workshop (2nd July) and our Introduction to Chronic Pain for physios and HCPs (23rd September). Would you be interested in attending these?

0 Not at all12345 Definitely interested

14. If we were to run another event at the end of this summer, how likely are you to attend?

0 Not at all likely12345 Extremely likely

15. How could future events be improved? / Any other comments?

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