Life balance research


1. Setting the scene
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What makes up balance for you will be different to others and perhaps similar to some. Therefore what has an impact on your balance will also vary. The purpose of this research is to understand what people define balance as and what makes up that balance. There will be some other questions that allow us to further understand the people that are taking part in this research. The results of this research will be incorporated into a forthcoming book that will provide a set of tools and strategies to help people work towards a better balance for them. We'd like to thank you in advance for taking part in this initial research study. There will be further opportunities for involvement in the future. Jeff #findyourbalance

What's your definition of a balanced life?


List the main areas of your life that make up a balanced life. 
(eg. family, friends, relationships, work, health, exercise, well-being, religion, growth and development, sleep, you)


Rate the main areas that make up your balance in the previous question, using a scale from -5 up to +5.
(eg. I have a good balance with my family (as I get to spend lots of time with them) so I'll score it +3. I'm missing some balance in relation to work (as I'm working extra hours currently) so I'll score it -2)


Overall, describe your own current life balance.


What would a better life balance give you?

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