LACUNAwork - guide to order custom made book


This questionnaire will lead you through the options you have when ordering our custom made book
We can create photo albums, guest books, personalized journals or recipe books - all hand bound in wooden covers that we reclaim from old furniture .
There are many ways this book can be personalized and adapted to your needs. We hope this survey will be fun for you and helps us to get better idea of your future book. We are always ready to discuss the options with you. 

Please leave here your name and e-mail and answer the following questions

Thank you


2. What is the TYPE of book you are looking for ?


3. What is the TYPE OF WOOD you prefer?  
The lighter wood allows better contrast of the carved design, on the darker wood the carving stays always a bit less visible.
We work exclusively with diverse fragments of old furniture and so the choice may be limited.



4. What is the ideal SIZE ?
I cannot guarantee this will be possible but let me know, what would you like.
You can use either inches or cm.


5. ORIENTATION of the book


6. Choose the TYPE OF PAPER. I usually use recycled papers for guest books and journals, and heavy colored paper for albums / scrapbooks. Specific papers can be discussed.



7. What is your idea of the DESIGN of the book?


8. What WORDS are to be engraved?


9. We usually adapt following LETTER FONTs for the hand engraving. Which one you prefer?
Feel free to add link to different one. We ´ll let you know what´s possible.


10. What are the EXTRA features for your book?


When do you need this ready?


11. Last question. How did you get to know LACUNA work?

Check out our survey templates or create your own.